Let me introduce myself.

Photo: Bev and John Kirk

I am Bev Kirk, married to John Kirk on June 15, 1985. I state the date because of a significant discovery after 25 years of marriage. I tell you more about that later.

God has blessed us with seven children, five girls and two boys, like five loaves and 2 fish. We live on five acres (YaRohee Farm, being translated, The Lord is My Shepherd) and enjoy the countryside where we care for sheep and develop our artisan cheesemaking skills.

I am a very blessed woman, although as anyone who has walked with the Lord knows, the path has had delays, tears, and times of great fog. My mother was widowed when I was six years old and that became a defining point in my life. My mom was very aware of her inabilities and turned to God for her needs, including raising two children on her own. Through the years, God has proven His faithfulness.

We left the farm and eventually ended up moving from Kansas to Alberta, Canada to attend Prairie High School and Bible School. This was a rich experience as my knowledge of the Bible and God’s ways grew daily through studies and training in life experiences.

This is where I will fill you in on my wedding date – which I prophesied! To make a long, juicy story short, I had been attracted to John for seven years. The attraction was not returned and I suffered in varying degrees through this waiting time. One bit of relief was keeping a journal. Several years ago my 20 year old daughter was reading one of my entries and came across the date I had projected for when I would like to marry, since it obviously wasn’t happening in the near future. June 15, 1985 was picked. The process of writing it down was therapy in my being able to release my emotions and move on with the immediate duties. Once God woke John up and our courtship began, my journaling was put to the side. Having forgotten my journal entry, what a hilariously delightful surprise to find out after 25 years of marriage, God had me predict in 1982 my wedding date, and then fulfilled it without my even remembering it! God’s ways are truly beyond our comprehension.

I told this story because it is one of many testimonies of how God answers prayer. There is nothing more exciting and thrilling than knowing God is actively involved in your life. One problem is, do we give Him that opportunity by bringing our needs to Him in prayer.

God’s ways are not always logical, the routine, or what is expected. It is great to read about the miraculous walk of faith of others, but a totally different thing to experience clinging to the promises in the Now in your own life, and waiting for God’s faithfulness to burst through the darkness at the last moment. But that is what God has called us to.

Prayer is not usually thought of as a gift but that is what it really is. To be able to go straight to the ”Top Boss,” as I tell my kids, with our needs and know He knows and has a limitless supply of resources and provisions, and delights when we come to Him is an amazing gift. Do I really believe it? How I live will testify what I truly believe.

I trust this calendar will encourage you to daily walk in dependence on God. I need it too and look forward to heaven which will fill us in on all the behind the scene movements of God that we didn’t understand in this life.

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him, His will and His ways.

Bev Kirk