What Others Are Saying...

"I bought your prayer calendar and I just would like to say: Thank You! It has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family! I love your Scripture selection. His Word is so powerful!" -Petra

"I find this prayer calendar so helpful in praying daily for my six children and my grandchildren; that God would develop all these character qualities in each of their lives." -Margaret

"I want to tell you just how much I am using and appreciating your 31 day prayer calendar! What a practical and appropriate tool for a busy homeschooling mother in the trenches. Thank you for the time spent over the years gathering these verses and hymns...the fruit is going to be bountiful!" -Jessica

"So very thankful for your Prayer Calendar! I've incorporated it into my daily prayer time and it's a wonderful addition! The prayer topic, the appropriate scripture, and daily hymns are so meaningful and well chosen. Even though I don't know all of the hymns - just reading them encourages and touches my heart. It does me a lot of good, and I'm planning to continue to pray for our family, hide His Word in my heart, and sing to the Lord for as long as I can!" -Cynthia

"The prayer calendar is a wonderful tool for all moms. There is nothing more important for a mom to do than pray for her children. The calendar is very attractive and is a perfect size to carry with her. Each day has a meaningful selection of verses to turn our hearts to prayer. I know two of the Kirk daughters very well and it is obvious that Beverly Kirk has prayed for them…they are outstanding Christian young ladies. -Rebekah Mally of Tomorrow's Forefathers

"Praying for our children is non-optional and I have appreciated the easy to use format of Bev's prayer calender, she has done all the work for us,  all we need to do is pray!"  -Melodie

"The Mother's Daily Help is a tremendous tool for praying for our children and singing over them.    Several times I have felt prompted to open it up and sing specific songs from the book.   What a blessing!" -Sheryl

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